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Arch Tours offer all types of holiday trips, tours, safaris and excursions that genuinely help & assist with the well being of the local people and communities in Gambia, Senegal and West Africa

Arch Tours protect the cultures and environments in The Gambia for future generations and produce viable economic tourism business opportunities for the local villages and areas.'

In addition to the main excursions on our programme, we have several special trips for the individual traveler and small groups. We are very flexible and we can help you design your own itinerary to suit your needs. Try us and see the difference! Trips, Excursions & Tours in Gambia with Arch Tours

Our escorted tours are worry-free and hassle-free. Our local Gambian tourist guides will help you discover the craft markets, the museums, the bars and restaurants, James Island, Roots Village, Bakau, Banjul, Serra Kunda, Sene Gambia, Westfield and experience more sights than you could possibly find on your first visit to the Gambia.

4 TOURS IN 1 DAY (8am to 6pm) Tue. Thurs and Sat

This tour entails four major tours that are offered by other tour companies separately. It is not physically demanding as one may think, so we decided to do them in one day to provide our customers real value for the money that they pay to us. It is not a constant drive the whole day; in every 30 to 45 minutes, we have a stop at a place of interest.

This tour starts with a visit to Serrekunda market. We go through the market showing you some of the local products produced and sole in the Gambia as well as their uses. We then proceed to "Kachikally" crocodile pool. Come to learn the history of these crocs and also the story of fertility from the waters of the pond. Shake hand with a croc or two before boarding our jeeps to the "Abuko" cattle market.

This is the time to learn all about cattle farming in the Gambia and these cattle relate to the average Gambian farmer. From there, we then drive to "Lamin Lodge" for a 30 minutes break for coffee or tea coupled with home made doughnuts. After the break, visit the main oyster collection point and learn about its use in the community.

This time we are ready for the safari which takes us into nearly 20 small villages and hamlets in the west and south of the country. Our aim this time is to show you the real Gambia and not tourist Gambia. Stop in one of the villages along the way and see how the locals live as a social family. On our way to Paradise beach, we will be telling you about the 3 types of education in the Gambia making stops at different points for a detail illustration. We will also stop by a termite hill and tell you their importance to the community.

We will spend between 2hrs to 2:30 mins at "Paradise" beach for lunch. Here you can relax on free sun beds or go for a swim before getting ready for the 22 kilometers drive along the beach if the tide allows us to. Otherwise we will drive upland and still don't miss a thing except having good time and fun.

Get to "Tanji" the biggest fishing village in the Gambia. See the days catch come in and how fish is being processed and preserved for exporting to other parts of Africa and also see the role played by Gambia women in one of the major fishing industry in the Gambia. From the smoke houses of Tanji, drive back home to our respective Hotels with sound memories of the smoke Houses of Tanji, and the day as a whole. (A must see in the Gambia)


Pick up from the entrance of your respective hotels. A 30 mins drive to Banjul sea port the (Capital City) and onboard a boat with a capacity of 60 passengers that all major Tour Operators use with less than 40 people on board. An hour & half rive cruise along the River Gambia, past Dog Island and lunch and snacks provided on board the boat.

A visit to Albreda and Jufureh, which are the two most historical towns in The Gambia as far as the history of The Gambia with regards to the presence of Europeans in the Gambia and West Africa for that matter is concerned. A visit to Fort James Island, which changed hands from the Portuguese, The Dutch and then finally, The English.A 200 hundred years of history that gives you an insight into what happened in those days.

And a history that no one should be blamed for because we were all involved, Europeans and Africans alike. If you have read the book (Roots) then see it in reality.

1 Day North Senegal (7:30am to 6pm)

A drive to Banjul and across the ferry to Barra, the first town in North of The Gambia, (foot passengers on the ferry) and then join our jeeps to the Gambia border town of "Amdalai". Have your passports stamped and then on to the Senegal boarder town of "Karang", where the same process will be repeated, allowing you and entry visa into Senegal.

A thirty minutes drive takes us to the Fathala Game Reserve that encloses 2000 hectares of Natural and Protected Forest. Have the opportunity to visit the original stretch of the African Wilderness. Drive amongst herds of Antelopes crowned by the western Gaint Eland - the rarest one. Drive up to Giraffes, Rhinos and Buffaloes. A proper lunch on the way back coupled with ice cold soft drinks, beer, bottled water and fruits all day long. A drive to a local village for a short village walk and back to the border towns.

SUNSET CRUISE (4pm to 8:30pm)

Pick up at the entrance of the Hotel and a 30 minutes drive to Denton Bridge. We are then onboard a double decked boat on a four hours river cruise that takes us through the Mandinar Bolong (river).

Feast on the beauty of the Gambia River which gives us the opportunity of seeing women in Dugout Canoes Collecting Oysters from the Mangroves swamp. And a site not to be missed is the Sunset over the Mangroves Swamp.

Arrival at Lamin Lodge to be welcomed and entertained by a Cultural Group from the Jola Tribe ( try your skills at African dancing). Free ice cold drinks provided onboard the boat and a buffet dinner at Lamin Lodge in a romantic atmosphere. More Cultural dancing before heading back to our respective Hotels.

2 Days Georgetown

This tour gives you an idea of how people in the Country side live. Relaxed way of meeting and seeing the people in the Interior of The Gambia. Day 1 Depart our respective hotels and 7:30 in the morning a 30-40 mins drive to the City of Banjul where we are ferried across to Barra on the North Bank. Drive to Farafenni, The main commercial town in the North Bank Region and on to the Wassu Stone Circle on board a Double- Decked boat for a four hours boat trip in The Gambia River.

A stop at Baboon Island to visit the chimpanzee Rehabilitation Centre. A good opportunity to spot Hippos and Crocodiles in the wild. Lunch cooked on board the boat. Dinner, entertainment by the Mandinka Women. Overnight stay in typically built African Round House in Jangjang Bureh Camp (back to basics).

Day 2 Depart at 8: 0 hrs after breakfast. A tour of Colonial George Town to see the slave market, the underground slave house and the remains of the Colonial Era. Drive back through the South bank Region of the Gambia and a stop at Bintag Bolong Lodge for Lunch. A final drive to our respective hotel.

(An opportunity to experience the diverse Culture, Tribe and History of the people of The Gambia).


A unique opportunity to See, Feel and be part of a Real Gambian Cultural Fiesta. A 2hrs drive with selected stops of interest along the way to the tiny historical town of (FONI BINTANG KARANAI) on arrival in Bintang we would be welcomed by the Indigenous Mandinka tribe with an authentic Cultural Dance. Lunch will be served after a 30 minutes Cultural entertainment with a Scenic view of the River Gambia.

A short Village walk will bring you in close contact with life in Rural Gambia. We then depart Bintang for an hour and half drive to the heart of RealGambian Culture and tradition (Burrock Village. A brief encounter with the elders of the Community and a ten minutes

walk to the River side. (A Haven for Birders). Back to a cultural set up for some serious cultural entertainment that will showcase a variety of Cultural performances that will have an everlasting impression on your memories.NOT TO BE MISSED

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If you want travel to the Gambia and if you want to use Arch Tours or discuss any tourism or holiday development issues please contactt me directl, I check my emails everyday and I will reply to you as soon as possible to work out a detailed schedule, your wishes will be of course be taken into account and arrange a meeting place in the Gambia.

I want to take this opportunity on behalf of the Gambian people to thank you for choosing the Gambia as your holiday destination and to assure you that any assignment given to me will be carried out professionally to the best of my ability.

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Once more I wish you a safe and smooth flight to the Gambia. No better way to see the Gambia than with a Real Gambian.

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