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River Gambia River Trips

The River Gambia is the main artery that runs through the entire length of the country, and is navigable throughout the year by smaller vessels up to 300 kilometres.

Large ocean-going vessels can travel upstream as far as Kuntaur, about 190 kilometres from Banjul.

Several ferries are operated along the river; the main ones being Banjul Barra and Farafenni on the busy Trans Gambia highway.

River Cruises & Excursions in The Gambia

We are trying to create a new type of tourism, which involves the local communities in the ecotourism decision-making process and has a high success rate in creating and sustaining profitable ecotourism projects that benefit the tourist, the local villages and the environment.

We are very sensitive about the environment and many of our tours are designed to give our visitors another experience of The Gambia - slightly different from what is generally offered to tourists by the hotels.

River Gambia Sunset Cruise: 2:30pm – 8:30pm

Pickup at the entrance of the Hotel and a 30 minutes drive to Denton Bridge. We then board a double decker boat for a four hour river cruise that takes us through the Mandinar Bolong.

Feast on the Beauty of the Gambia River which gives us the opportunity of seeing women in Dugout Canoes collecting Oysters from the Mangrove swamps.

And a site not to be missed is the Sunset over the Mangroves Swamp. Arrvial at Lamin Lodge to be  welcomed and entertained by a Cultural Group from the Jola Tribe (try your skills at african dancing).

Free ice cold drinks provided on board the boat and a buffet dinner at Lamin Lodge in a romantic atmosphere.

More Cultural dancing before heading back to our respective Hotels.

Roots by River: River Cruises & Excursions in Gambia

The 'Roots by River' trip lasts from 8am – 6pm

Pickup from the entrance of your respective hotels. Drive to Banjul Sea port the (Capital City of The Gambia) and onboard a boat that all major tours operators in The Gambia use.

The a 3 hours cruise along the Rive Gambia, past Dog Island and lunch on board the boat. A visit to Albreda – Jufureh, which are the two most historical towns in The Gambia as far as history of The Gambia, is concerned with the coming of European presence in Africa.

A visit to Fort James Island, which changed hands from Portuguese, The Dutch and then finally, The English. A 200 hundred years of history that gives you a proper insight of what happened in those days.

A cruise back to Banjul Sea port and the chances of spotting Dolphins a possibility.

Our reputation with visiting holiday and tour operators is unsurpassed and we have instigated a programe of 'eco tour operator best practice' which is mirrored and respected throughout The Gambia.

Holidays in The Gambia

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Gambia Travel & Tourism: Gambia is a world class tropical paradise & luxury tourist resort with five star holiday hotels, great night life, fantastic beaches, water sports, sports fishing, golf, etc
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River Trips & Excursions

If you want travel to the Gambia and if you want to use Arch Tours or discuss any tourism or holiday development issues please contactt me directl, I check my emails everyday and I will reply to you as soon as possible to work out a detailed schedule, your wishes will be of course be taken into account and arrange a meeting place in the Gambia.

I want to take this opportunity on behalf of the Gambian people to thank you for choosing the Gambia as your holiday destination and to assure you that any assignment given to me will be carried out professionally to the best of my ability.

Once more I wish you a safe and smooth flight to the Gambia. No better way to see the Gambia than with a Real Gambian.

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