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Gambia Holiday Hotels

  • Ngala Lodge
  • Coconut Residence
  • Kololi Beach Club
  • The Kairaba Hotel
  • Hotel SeneGambia
  • Hotel Kombo Beach
  • Palma Rima Hotel
  • Badala Park Hotel
  • Bungalow Beach Hotel
  • Bakotu Hotel
  • Fransisco's
  • African Village Hotel
  • Sunwing Hotel
  • Cape Point Hotel
  • Atlantic Hotel
  • Bakau Guest House
  • Romana Hotel
  • Atlantic Guest House
  • Fajara Guest House
  • Malawi Guest House
  • Green Line Motel
  • Bantaba Hotel
  • Kantora Hotel

Cultural Tours in Gambia

We offer an exciting alternative to the standard Gambia holiday hotel and beach package and the Cultural Bonanza Touir organised by Arch will show the origins, history and traditions of the Mandinka tribe in The Gambia.

Cultural Bonanza Tour In The Gambia - 9AM - 6PM

The Cultural Bonanza tour offers a unique opportunity to see, feel and be part of a Real Gambian Fiesta. After a 2hr drive with selected stops of interest along the way to the tiny historical town of FONI BINTA KARANAI

On arrival at Bintang we will be welcomed by the indigenous Mandinka tribe with an authentic display of traditional dancing and drumming.

Lunch will be then be served and after after we will take a stroll around the village and along the banks of the River Gambia to bring you in close contact with real life in rural Gambia.

We then depart from Bintang for an hour and half drive to the real heart of Gambian cultural and tradition at Bullock Village where we will meet with the elders of the community and tour around the area.

Then we will be entertained with a variety of traditional, cultural, music and artistic performances that will have an everlasting impression on your.

By 6pm we will drive you back to your hotel.

Gambia Holiday Guide

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